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    Welcome to Eatwell LIVE COOKING!
    Your gourmet kitchens on wheels.
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    Custom Gourmet food for your event
    Healthy and Local Produce
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    Welcome to Eatwell
    Your gourmet kitchens on wheels.
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    Welcome to Eatwell
    Your gourmet kitchens on wheels.

Street Food Sample Menu

Our team can cater for any food from Fresh Meat dishes, to fish, seafood and authentic Mediterranean salads; everything we cook is freshly grilled on site. We cooking using the Robata grilling system which goes back thousands of years. It is the most natural way to cook your meat and fish as it is designed to steam and barbecue at the same time to hold the foods natural aromas.

Eatwell has brought Street food to you. Don't be confused with Street Food and Fast food, We offer high quality gourmet cooking at high speed without losing the quality and taste.

Feed the masses

With our unique Robata grilling system we have the ability to cater for 200 portions an hour. With drinks at that speed you may want to pace yourself.

The House of Grill + Fries

Choose from one of the following meats:





Then add one of the following

Greek Mixed Salad


Regular Box

Large Box

Oven Stone House - Pizza Nino

Pizza "Buy" the slice grilled on our stone oven.

EatWell Classic


Garden Veggie


Garlic Bread

Fat Chips

Fat Chips + Cream Cheese